Multi-Function 9 IN 1 cooking pot

Korean style design Electric Steamboat Cooking Pot

Available Colour : GOLD , RED

*Material : Aluminium
*Max power: 1700W ; Rated power:1500W
*Voltage: 220V
*Applicable: 2-5 People *Capacity: 6L (Safety capacity: 5L)
*Non-stick pan quality *Easy to wash
*Safety power charging design
*Safety electric socket
*Dry & wet can be applied *Allow to perform cooking Steaming, Frying, Stew, Cook, Grill, Pan-fried, Bake, Boil, Roast, Instant boiling
*Makes cooking meals so easy and fast!
*Suitable for college students or busy working adults
*Also suitable to be used in a small cooking area, less smoke *Safe electric socket design, dry & wet can be applied.
*Lightweight and portable for travels
*Can cook various meals with it *Cost efficient and safe to use

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